What Does It Take For You To Ask A Woman Out?

By Ian Lang

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Hey man,

I’ve read too little of what you wrote but
I understand that you can give some advice. My problem is with girls. I’m 18 years old and
I am afraid of talking to a girl. Now don’t get me wrong, I can socialize with one and
talk on different subjects and have a normal conversation but if I like the girl I can
never ask her out.

I’m afraid of being rejected and afraid of
being avoided by her after the rejection, that makes me get in the “friend zone.”
But that happens only because I am the nice guy, there to listen to every problem and help
them out whenever they want me to. I like being this way, because I think that’s what
caring about someone means. And my question to you is not how to talk to a girl or how to
ask her out but rather how to get the courage to do it.

I want to
ask you if you know a way of feeling more confident with myself. Like some sort of
exercise, something I can do to boost my courage (don’t tell me to practice it on a real
situation since that’s the thing I can’t do).

I want to wake up
one morning and get out there and ask that pretty girl out, of course I might be shaking
and sweating but at least I managed to do it. Also a tip on how to handle rejection and
the fact that after the rejection you might get avoided by that person (if you’ve
known her for some time).

Long message, but I have no idea what
else to try and who to ask, also excuse my English as I am not …read more    

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