Top 7 Dating Products

Top 7 Pickup Products
Top 7 Pickup Products
Top 7 Pickup Products

You’re seated at the bar. Lights are flashing. Sound is entrancing. Then a gorgeous bombshell in a red dress sashays in. She’s just your type. Long-legged. A dazzling smile. And everyone seems to like her. In fact she’s surrounded by friends. So what do you do?

You walk out.

Yes. You walk out because you lost your nerve and don’t know what to say.

Does that sound like you?

Here’s a fact: the worst place to do a pickup is at a club. I know. I’ve been down that scene before. Pickup and Dating is best done in innocuous places where women least expect your approach. A cafe is one example. While sipping your coffee- make an innocent comment on what the lovely lady is reading. That will open the doors to a perfect pickup and future dating.

Eager to learn more tidbits? Learn some NLP and mind power tricks!

The following are among the top 7 dating and seduction tactics for hapless men like yourself.

The Dating Masterclass 

The Dating Masterclass 2

Psychic Seduction Masterclass

Psion Master 2

Dark Attraction

Psychic Seduction5

Tidal Wetness

top 7 dating products
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