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How to Do Sex Magick

sex magick

Sex magick creates lustful attraction

Sexual Orgasm provides a lot of  Life Force. Did you know that when you orgasm, you can take that expended energy to create attraction- remotely?

Using sexual orgasm in a ritual and in your magickal workings can give much added power to your outcome. Sex Magick is ancient, extremely powerful and is the creative principle. Here’s some demonstration of the power


If you’re wondering how she did it, check out this explanatory video. It walks you through the entire easy process of seduction with energy.

Orgasm and Sex Magick

At the moment of orgasm, one automatically enters a brief trance state. This powerful orgasmic energy can be directed. This is visualized as a brilliant bright light like the sun and can be directed into thoughtforms, the one of one’s desires, talismans and so forth. Proper execution allows you to seduce girls and attract men.

Women and men both differ in sexual energy. Women tend to peak in power according to cycles. Women are at the height of their power during menstruation. Psychic work, astral projection and other pursuits that require heightened sensitivity are greatly assisted after a strong orgasm. Orgasm is also an excellent way to induce relaxation before meditation.

Sexual fluids, both semen and vaginal secretions, and also menstrual blood have the power of the life force.

At the moment of orgasm, it is important to direct your entire concentration and desire to your goal, willing it. Visualize the orgasmic energy in the form of a beam, ball or vortex, penetrating the object/person, lighting it up with a brilliant aura of energy that is programmed. This is basic simple sex magick.

Sex magick can be done alone, or with a partner or Demon/ess or in a group. When working with others, it is very important as in all magickal practices that everyone work together with some sort of organized effort. Merging orgasmic energies with a Demon/ess is extremely powerful.

An Ancient Resource For Sex Magic

The links below were created a long time ago. I will be adding much more information concerning advanced solo and partner sex magick, timing the magick according to the moon phases, the stars and so forth. 

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