Revealed: Mind Power Seduction For Instant Female Orgasms

Watch: Mind Power Seduction For Instant Female Orgasms. You’ll do The Same!


here’s a video on a man:

Fancy seducing another woman using just the power of the mind?

MIND POWER SEDUCTION. It can be addictive.

 I’ll define the ‘mind power seduction of others’ as the capability to erotically or sexually arouse another man using just the forceful power of your brain. When you use these techniques on someone, that individual will likely feel intensely attracted to your desire over time, with substantial feelings for sexual release. Most frequently, a state of ‘falling in love’ starts to happen upon anyone you’re attempting to seduce. No communications with the lady needed

The techniques presented in this essay are strong, with no doubt. The consequence starts immediately, yet there is real demand to raise your internal chi for the results to occur. Immediate and automatic sexual sway is a mental ability that happens when enough chi flows. Like every ability, you must develop it through routine and successful practice. 


Hypnotic Seduction
Ready to make her cum?

Sexually seducing others to your head may be contentious subject. As a master of your destiny, I leave this up to one to choose whether you must take advantage of these techniques on another person. I can’t decide your personal ethics and morals.

Lots of people prefer to not make use of the techniques themselves, however, they’d like to be aware of the things that they are and how it’s possible to sexually affect 

Be forewarned of the strong nature of the systems. Be mindful for they will work and generate fascinating effects.


It is critical that the session starts with the  calming of the mind. As your electric brainwave layouts lower in their frequency, your head relaxes. These brainwaves subsequently become more in sync using the natural frequency heartbeat of the planet (7.85 cycles per second) and thereby ease a resonance between your head as well as the real world around you.

I leave this up to you to truly discover your very best method to enter a comfortable state. For the interest of beginners, it isn’t essential to stress or obsess with only how relaxed the mind and body is. Only let a comfortable relaxed state to happen along with your visualizations will be successful.

Too frequently, beginners stress or focus on problems such as precisely how relaxed to be, or whether their visualizations are clear. The main point to keep in mind is that with training comes ability, which will develop over time. Too frequently, individuals embarking on a religious pursuit have a tendency to get lost in the wide range of info out there and spend less time on real private use of the religious teachings they may be inquiring. You may spend years reading the publications and equipping yourself with theory, facts, and tips. Afterward you find out you don’t spend much time doing private activity and experiment. That is why so few truly reach a higher degree of private ability, though they might have every publication about them.


To create remote orgasms in any female demands strong release from your own kundalini energy. You will raise the kundalini energy from your base chakra and have it traverse your spine and into your palms. Once the energy flows from your palms, you can create very charged orgasmic responses in any female… from a distance. Here’s what it looks like




The original body of work on remote seduction was released in 1999 via a limited book entitled “Psychic Seduction”. This book formed the basis of many remote influence techniques you see deployed in these videos.

2014: The authors of the Psychic Seduction book conducted several training workshops on enhanced methods of the early Psychic Seduction methods. They are promoting the video transcript of that training on this site.


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