How to Impress Girls

How to Impress Girls and Make Them Wet

It takes so little to impress a man. Women know that. It’s the power of a woman to make a small movement, to raise a brow, to whisper a word and bam. Your heart just stopped. Being smitten seems to be a man’s calling.

Don’t believe me? Look at this photo:

howt to impress girls
She won’t approach you even if you’re James Bond. You gotta move first

Gotcha. You’re frozen. This fine lass hasn’t done a thing and already you’re smitten. Am I correct. That proves my point: women don’t have to do much because they have you by the balls. In this case, flash a bit of flesh and you’re a gonner. She didn’t even have to impress you with her brains.

Let’s turn the tables on them. In other words…

Here’s How to Impress Girls

    • First off, stop being needy. ¬†You can drive a Porsche but if you hanker over a woman like a puppy in heat, you lose 100 points. She wants no loser who’s
      how to impress girls quick
      Don’t be monochrome. She likes color on you. Especially red

      happiness is hinged on pussy. Make it clear to her that you have your own plans and dreams. Your happiness is self-driven. That means when she calls you, don’t jump to it. Tell her “I’ll call you later if my schedule frees up”. This makes you look busy – a very desirable trait that should be part of your seduction techniques. Make it a point to delay your messages. Lean backwards. Speak as though you’re the celebrity and she’s the fan. You will impress girls faster.

    • Second, fix your body language. If you keep leaning in, you betray weakness. Lean backwards. Look mildly interested. I guarantee- no woman will go out with you if you act like her love slave. Does James Bond keep chasing women? No. He gets chased. Make it a point to talk slowly, languidly. Your gestures should be forceful but occupying a small space. Members of the old rich andFortune 500 move in a certain way. Notice how they move very economically as though extra movement costs money? Do the same. You’ll increase your social status. Women want accomplished men- it’s how to seduce women fast.

  • And speaking of accomplished men, make sure you have enough money to dazzle the fine lady. There’s no need to be uber wealthy- but you need enough to give her the impression that you can meet her needs. Genetics programs women to go for men who can provide. That’s a fact. A perpetually empty pocket will short circuit your quest for hot girls. You can exude the image of an accomplished man by simply implying about pastimes alluding to financial independence. You can mention in passing that you like helping at salvation army after work. Or you have to fly to Geneva to help a brother fix some papers. Of course it helps if you really have cash- because she can background check if you’re lying. One way to create income is to turn Youtube, Flicker and Facebook into your personal ATM. If you haven’t seen it already, this amazing video teaches exactly how to squeeze a lot of money from those sites. Watch it now
  • Fourth, deploy the power of the color red. When you see a woman in a tight red dress, you get a hard on even if she has the face of a horse. Guess what? Color therapy says the same happens to women. Women who see a red tie or red kerchief get aroused. Don’t overdo it. Wear a smidgen of red. Even a red pin will do.
  • Fifth, learn to touch the right way. The wrong way is never to touch. You’ll be friendzoned so fast, your balls would turn blue. The right way is to touch within 2 minutes of an interaction. Start with the shoulders then the forearms. You naturally send the signal that you’re a sexual man and she will treat you accordingly.

Impressing girls is easy. I’ve been doing it for years and never got a slap. Are you ready to make your cold lonely nights a sizzler of a romp? Then get out there and do things properly. You now know how to impress girls the right way. Use it.


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