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Approach Women Now: How to Flirt

How to Approach Women and Keep them Hot

# 1 Soft touches. Touch a woman and let your hand linger on her body, either \* inadvertently \* or deliberately. Even if you’re on a first date, if you learn to put your hands in all the right locations like on her arms or her lower back, you’ll be able to turn any lady on before you’re done with the meal.

approach women

She wants to be undressed

# 2 Rub a lotion all over her body. When your female comes out of her bath at night, have her stand alongside the bed and smear a lotion that’s smooth and slippery, however not too sticky. Start with her arms and move down while kissing her in all the strategic places that come the way. If you take your time rubbing her, she’ll be moist even before your hands reach her waist. Approach women with this tactic.

# 3 Grind her when you can. Grinding in the house might not be a big turn on. In fact, it might even be funny and cute. However when you do that in a club, it’s a guaranteed exciting move. If you’re at a party, grind her from behind and see to it she feels what you have in your pants. Just the idea of feeling your body in public will drive her crazy. (PS Did you know you can use psychic powers to turn her on and very wet?)

# 4 Play fact or dare. If you desire to try something different to turn each various other on, play a sexy game rather of concentrating just on each various other’s bodies. Sexual reality or attempt is a great deal of enjoyable when you play with an additional couple, however if you do not have another couple around, both of you can still ask each other dirty concerns and attempt each other. If you pick the right questions and dares, your girl will absolutely have a turn on she won’t forget in a long time! Get girls the proper way.

# 5 Public display of affection. Girls like the rush of sexual arousal intermingled with fear. It’s attractive and a sure turn on. If you slip your hands into her pants or down her shirt at a traffic signal, or discreetly get touchy feely in a congested location, she’ll feel more aroused than normal. Simply make sure you do not overdo it and make your girl or any individual else around feel awkward about the entire thing.  PDA is a key technique of the seduction community

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