Are You Ready For The Marijuana Market Boom?

This week, you couldn’t turn to a news channel without hearing about the
legalization of marijuana in Colorado. What you may not have heard is that the
suppliers and the stores selling the product can barely keep up with demand. To this end,
the “pot shops” have sold in one week what they thought they would sell in 6 months. With
this kind of supply shortage, we can only imagine how people and businesses will try to
keep up and cope with demand. So for those of us who want to be part of the new pot gold
rush — err, green rush — how can we take advantage of the hottest new industry? Believe
it not, there are pot stocks. Several weeks ago, a friend of mine called me
and told me that he just bought around $20,000 worth of this stock that specializes in
providing lighting and vertical growth systems, amongst other services, for hydroponic
plants. This company seems to be a go-to for growers of marijuana and hemp. He bought a
whole bunch of stock in GreenGro Technologies (NASDAQ:GRNH) when it was around three cents
a share. Today, it’s trading around $0.75. I decided to take a closer look at these
pot stocks. There are several marijuana-related stocks you can buy, across a
diverse array of companies ranging from holding companies to services to technology. One
example is GrowLife (NASDAQ:PHOT), a holdco in California that operates specialty
hydroponics stores around the USA. It would be companies like this that would experience
the greatest growth should they decide to expand, take over production, buy greenhouses,
and buy the suppliers of the tech needed to set up the greenhouses and the stores. This
stock has gone up a modest 50% over the past three days, trading around $0.30 per share.
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